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  • Propeller
  • 70ffw
  • 135ft length
  • Amherst Island Graveyard

Dimensions: 135.0 x 23.2 x 11.5
Type of Wreck: Propeller
location of Wreck: Amherst Island Graveyard

Inland Lloyds Vessel Register Canadian Hulls, 1890 #

Propeller GLENGARRY. Of 466 tons. Built at St. Catharines in 1872 by Shickluna. Rebuilt in 1886. Owned by the M. T. Co. Homeport, Montreal. REMARKS. — Repairing. Formerly prop. ARGYLE.

List of Vessels on the Registry Books of the Dominion of Canada, on December 31, 1874. #

Screw propeller ARGYLE. Of 355 tons gross; 286 tons reg. Built at St. Catharines, Ont., in 1872. Homeport, St. Catharines, Ont. 135.0 x 23.2 x 11.5 Owned by J.C. Graham, of St. Catharines

Name Changes from Registry Books of the Dominion of Canada on December 31, 1913. Sessional Papers Vol. XLV11 No. 16 #

Steam screw GLENGARRY. * Official Canadian No. 90537. Of 509 tons Gross; 215 tons Reg. Built St. Catharines, Ont., 1872, rebuilt Kingston in 1880. Homeport, Montreal, Que. Owned by Henry Richardson, of Kingston, Ont. 170.0 x 26.0 x 11.2       * formerly propeller ARGYLE.

Dominion of Canada, on December 31, 1886 #

Propeller GLENGARRY. * Official Canadian No. 90537. Of 494 tons Gross; 304 tons Reg. Built at Kingston, Ont. in 1886. Homeport, Montreal. Owned by Montreal Transportation Co., of Montreal. 170.0 x 26.0 x 11.2       List of Vessels on the Registry Books of the

List of Vessels on the Registry Books of the Dominion of Canada, on December 31, 1905 #

Propeller GLENGARRY. * Official Canadian No. 90537. Of 732 tons Gross; 438 tons Reg. Built at St. Catharines, Ont., in 1872; Rebuilt at Kingston, Ont. in 1886. Homeport, Montreal. 170.0 x 26.0 x 11.2 Of 300 horsepower. Owned by Adolf Lomer, of Montreal, Que.

Buffalo Enquirer Friday, June 3, 1892 #

Kingston, June 3. – A diamond ring cost Mary Lamb, who was drowned in the burning of steamer GLENGARRY yesterday, her life. She ran out of her room in her nightclothes and then ran back attempting to return. She found herself surrounded by flames and finally when the side fell out of the cabin the woman threw herself into the water. Theresa Barrett was also imprisoned by the flames in the cabin but rushed through the fire, jumping into the arms of the captain. The GLENGARRY had on board 21,000 bushels of wheat, which was all damaged by water, She was insured only against marine disasters.

Buffalo Enquirer June 4, 1892 #

The Canadian steam barge GLENGARRY and consort GLENORA have been pursued by a remarkable run of bad luck this season. The GLENGARRY was in bad shape after going through the big Lake Superior storm and but a day or two ago burned to the waters at Kingston.

Buffalo Enquirer Friday, June 17, 1892 #

A Kingston dispatch says: The steamer GLENGARRY, recently burned, will be converted into a towboat

Kingston, Ont., –The steamer GLENGARRY, which cleared from Richardson’s elevator with 20,000 bushels of wheat, struck the pier of the bridge at Montreal and stove a hole in her side which caused her to sink. The steamer is owned by James Richardson & Sons. Buffalo Evening News August 16, 1909

Ogdensburg, Aug. 19. — The steamer GLENGARRY with 20,000 bushels of wheat for export on board, struck a bridge pier while passing through the Lachine Canal yesterday, a hole being rammed in the hull that caused her to sink in the canal. No loss of life nor injury to anyone as a result of the accident has been reported. The GLENGARRY was bound from Kingston to Montreal. Buffalo Evening News August 19, 1909

GLENGARRY ex ARGYLE wooden steam barge ex package freighter (C 90537).
1885-1903. Original: 625.85 tons gross, 396.91 net, 135’.
After 1886: 732 tons gross, 438 tons register, 168.5’.
The New Mills List and the Canada List of Shipping 1912 both said 509 tons gross, 215 tons register. The Canadian Heritage Ship Information Database gave 509 gross and 372 net after reconstruction. The Canada List of Shipping 1915 gave her registered tonnage as a barge as 373. Capacity 25,000 bushels.
Launched at St. Catharines Ontario by J. Shickluna in 1872 as a passenger and package freight steamer. Round stern. Original: single-cylinder engine = 300 rated horsepower.
After 1910: compound steeple engine = 380 indicated horsepower. 1897 rated A2 and valued at $22,000.

ARGYLE was built for R.C. Graham and Geo. Campbell.
On 16 August 1872, she went ashore on Grenadier Island in the St. Lawrence.
In 1873-80 she ran Montreal – Chicago in the “Merchant’s Line”. John E. Graham of St. Catharines was her owner in 1874-77.
She was holed and then sank after hitting a pier while coming into Port Burwell Ontario on 3 September 1877.
She was raised but on 5 May 1884 was wrecked at Michipicoten on Lake Superior when loaded with supplies for Canadian Pacific Railway construction crews. She was scuttled to protect her hull and then later raised and laid up at Collingwood.
Later yet in 1884, the wreck was bought from J.E. Graham by Rorie McLennan of Prince Arthur’s Landing. John Gaskin of Montreal Transportation Co. discussed offering $3,500 for her and splicing 30’ into her plus a steel keelson and 14” wide steel strapping.
She was bought by Montreal Transportation Co. in the last week of September 1885. Gaskin wrote (on 1 October 1885) “… the boat is bent somewhat but not as bad as expected … Somewhat decayed” at ends and alongside boiler. “… her cabin is in bad shape”. She was rebuilt as a steam barge at Montreal Transportation Co.’s Kingston yard (lengthened 35’, widened 3’, cut down 1’), renamed and relaunched on 21 April 1886. There were 100 men working on her in March and April to get her ready. Reconstruction involved building solid sides and fitting a steel arch to strengthen her for service on the upper lakes. Her keelson was also strengthened with wood and steel. She was given timber holes and new stanchions. They considered compounding her engine at that point but apparently did not do it. She had owners’ cabins. She was brightly painted blue, yellow, and green. Further reconstruction happened during the winter of 1886-87.

In August 1888, she was in a collision during a gale in Charlotte (Rochester) New York harbour with the American paddle steamer SYLVAN STREAM (U 22795, 349 gross tons) and she was hauled out at Montreal Transportation Co.’s Kingston yard for repairs in the winter of 1888-89. During those repairs, her stern was altered and she was given a new $7,000 boiler made at the Kingston Locomotive Works. She was relaunched in April 1889 but later that year she was in Muir’s Dry Dock at Port Dalhousie for repairs to her shoe. She was on the way to Kingston again for repairs in December 1890.

She often towed the consort barges JOHN GASKIN and GLENORA (the “three G”s). In April 1892, she lost the barge GLENORA while in tow on Lake Superior and GLENGARRY herself went aground with the towline around her propeller. Her after cabin burned while at Kingston in 1892 (one woman was killed) and she was consequently rebuilt again in 1893, this time with her pilothouse moved forward and with three masts.
On 29 April 1898, she was in collision with the American dredge CLINTON (U 127245, 124 tons) near Toledo. GLENGARRY sank in 1903 and was rebuilt a third time and then sold. Her new owner was the Melbourne Steamship Co. of Montreal. She was sold again in 1906 to A. Lomer of Montreal who then resold her to grain dealer James Richardson and Sons of Kingston who owned her 1908-13.

She struck a pier of Montreal’s Victoria Bridge and sank on 14 August 1909. After being rebuilt at Sorel Quebec in 1912, she was in collision with the canaller J.H. PLUMMER (C 114447, 1,582 tons gross) on 26 October 1915.
GLENGARRY’s owner at the time was Alphonse A. Laroque of Montreal (Sincennes-McNaughton). After that, she was cut down to a barge. She was waterlogged at the entrance to the Berthier Channel of the St. Lawrence River in 1920 when still owned by Sincennes-McNaughton. She was then abandoned.
Note that Montreal Transportation Co.’s founding McLennan brothers grew up in Glengarry County and that Montreal Transportation Co. had a tow barge with the same name 1872-1910.

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