GLENGARRY river barge. 1872-1910. 270 tons new measurement (also reported as 277 tons), 260.93 tons net, 126.0’. Capacity 16,500 bushels. Built at Lancaster Ontario by Alexander Stickler (Streckler?) (the Canadian Heritage Ship Information Database said “Stuhler”) in 1872. No masts. Round stern. Built to the same basic plans as LANCASTER, LORNE and ROYAL OAK. 1874 rated 1 out of a possible 3 and valued at $7,000. 1878 rated 2 and valued at $5,500. 1884 rated A2. 1890 rated A2 after repairs and valued at $5,000. 1892 rated A21⁄2 and valued $4,800. 1897 rated B1 and valued at $3,800, noted that she required repairs. The barge GLENGARRY was repaired in 1880, rebuilt in 1886 and was repaired in 1890 and in 1894. 1902-10 Montreal Transportation Co. directors’ reports and minutes showed her as “on hand but of no value”. She was partially dismantled and her hull was abandoned in the Cataraqui River where it remains to this day. Her registry was closed at Kingston Ontario on 9 February 1915. 131


Montreal Transportation Co. also had a steam barge with this name 1885- 1903. Montreal Transportation Co.’s founding McLennan brothers grew up in Glengarry County, Canada West.

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