George Dunbar U10890

  • Steam Barge
  • 45ffw 15M
  • 133ft Length
  • Kelley’s Island, Lake Erie
  • 41 40.631     82 33.893

Chronological History #

  • 1867, May Launched Allegan; lumber trade, Chicago, IL – Muskegon, MI.
  • 1868, Mar 31 Fitted out as wrecker; chartered to assist ANNIE VOUGH ashore on Spectacle Reef.
  • 1869, Aug Collision with schooner SENATOR at Chicago.
  • 1870, May Ran Saginaw, Cleveland & Buffalo.
  • 1876 Lumber steamer; reengined 18 x 24″, 300hp @ 95rpm, HPNC engine by Tarrant & Co., Chicago, IL (1876); used for excursion and fruit carring trade.
  • 1877, Jun Engine disabled, towed to port by propeller ALASKA.
  • 1880, Mar 23 Owned Henry L. Simonds, Boston, MA; agent Simeon Cobb.
  • 1880, Jul 11 Owned H. Simonds & Simeon Cobb; 138.58 net tons.
  • 1883, Oct 17 Collision & sinking of canal boat BODENSWARZO.
  • 1885 133.5 x 25.3 x 9.1.
  • 1887, Apr Dismantled; converted to tow barge; machinery to VIRGINIUS; rig changed to schooner, 2 masts; 231.97 gross / 220.99 net tons.
  • 1888, May 4 Rebuilt as propeller; 1 deck, 1 mast; 238.25 gross / 190.82 net tons.
  • 1896 US10890, official number; error in original enrollment.
  • 1897, Apr 13 Owned W. E. Hudson, Chicago, IL.
  • 1898 – 99 Rebuilt.
  • 1899, Jun Owned Hutchison, Michigan City, IN.
  • 1901, Feb 7 Owned M. L. Edwards, Chicago, IL.
  • 1901, Dec 18 Owned C. H. Prescott, Cleveland, OH.
  • 1902 Repaired.
  • 1902, Mar 31 Owned Saginaw Bay Transportation Co., Mentor, OH

Selection of News Articles for more #

Sandusky Register 
      Monday, July 21, 1902 #

      Has Been Located By Assistant Engineer, William T. Blunt.
      It Is A Question of Whether the Vessel Is In U. S. Or Canadian Waters 
      The wreck of the steamer George Dunbar which sank on the morning of June 29, has been located by the United States Assistant Engineer, William T. Blunt, on the steamer VISITOR by direction of Major Dan. C. Kingnian, corps of engineers, U. S. A. The location by the owners was so far from correct that a search in that vicinity failed to discover the vessel. The first reliable information which reached the authorities came from Captain 5. 0. Robinson of the C & T steamer, STATE OF NEW YORK, and the description given by him was found to be closely correct. 
      The vessel lies on an even keel, heading ESE in 44 feet of water. E by ½ S, 5½ miles from Middle Island lighthouse, and exactly east from the Middle Island passage. It is almost exactly on the range of Nun buoy on the northeast corner of Kelleys Island Reef and the extreme northeast point of Kelleys Island. It is N ¼ W from Huron lighthouse and N E by N ¾ N from the red gas buoy at the entrance to Sandusky Harbor, directly on the course to North East Shoal lightship. It is but 2 miles northerly from the sailing course between Cleveland and Middle Island passage. It is, therefore a menace to navigation in thick weather to vessels passing between Sandusky and South East Shoal Light-ship or between Cleveland and Middle Island passage. 
      It may be plotted on the chart 4,300 feet north of parallel 41 degrees, 40 minutes, and 4,000 feet east of meridian 82 degrees, 35 minutes. 
      On July 18, the foremast was still standing with an association flag attached and the wreckage of the pilot house was floating, still attached to the wreck. 
      A floating buoy carrying a large red flag was placed about 300 feet south of the wreck, should the spar be carried away. The location of the vessel is so close to the international boundary that it is not certain whether it is in the United States or Canadian waters.  

Port Huron Daily Times
     Monday, October 20, 1902   #

The wreck of the steamer GEORGE DUNBAR which constituted an obstruction at the northeast end of Kelley’s Island, Lake Erie, has been blown up. 

Steam screw GEORGE DUNBAR. U. S. No. 6496. Of 220.99 toms gross; 138.58 tons net. Built Allegan, Mich., 1866. Home port, Chicago, Ill. 133.5 x 25.2 x 9.1.  

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