HOWARD, FLORENCE (1859, Schooner) IDENTIFICATION Year of Build: 1859 CONSTRUCTION AND OWNERSHIP Built at: Picton, ONT Vessel Type: Schooner Hull Materials: Wood Number of Decks: 1 Builder Name: David G. Tait POWER Number of Masts: 2 DIMENSIONS Tonnage (old style): 119 Capacity: 7,000 bushels FINAL DISPOSITION Final Location: 4 miles WNW Salmon Point. Lake Ontario Date: 20 Nov 1883 How: Sunk. Final Cargo: 5,000 bushels barley. Notes: Bound Wellington – West Point, sank near Salmon Point. HISTORY

1863 Owned B. Flint, Belleville, ONT.

1866 Large repairs.

1870, Sep 17 Collision with DOMINION 25 miles from Rochester; owned David Andrews, Belleville.

1883, Nov 20 Wrecked Salmon Point, Lake Ontario laden with 5,000 bushels barley.

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