Dimensions:  218 NT
Type of Wreck: Schooner
Location of Wreck:43°55’02.7″N 77°01’44.6″W 

Place and Builder: Wilson NY – Dearborn and Quick    
Year Built: 1863

Buffalo Commercial Advertiser Wednesday, January 20, 1864 #

Schooner FLEET WING, capsized in a squall on Lake Ontario, and three lives lost, she was found bottom-up, righted, and towed to Oswego.      

Buffalo Daily Courier Wednesday, August 26, 1863 #

THE SCHOONER FLEET WING CAPSIZED -THREE LIVES LOST. – On Saturday morning last the schooner FLEET WING, Capt. Quick, a new vessel of about 110,000-bushel capacity, owned at Wilson, Niagara County, bound up Lake Ontario in ballast, capsized, and the captain’s wife, child, and cook, name unknown, were drowned. The captain and crew were on deck and the three persons drowned were in the cabin at the time of the accident. The captain and crew saved themselves in a yawl boat, in which they reached Cobourg,

C. W. The tug TORNADO went after the capsized vessel on Sunday and towed her to Cobourg, but on entering, she grounded on the bar, where, it is feared, she went to pieces in the gale of Monday.

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