Site Description

  • Mine Carts
  • 70ffw 23m
  • Fenelon Falls

Type: Submerged Vehicle

Depth: 55 – 70 feet

Description: 3 wooden train carts. One lies flat on the bottom with all 4 wheels and wooden frame intact. The second one is up against the river wall, almost vertical. It too has 4 wheels and wooden frame. The third cart is more broken up, but otherwise is much like the first cart. In addition to the carts, another highlight of the dive is the wall. The 50 foot limestone wall has many overhangs, crevasses, and other interesting formations.

Access: Shore. Right where Francis Street East bends left, there is a car sized clearing. Park on the side of the street and walk down to the water. This is near private property, so be respectful and do not stay longer than you need to.  From there, it’s a 100 meter swim along the overhead powerlines. When at the other bank, follow the river up stream until you are in-between the 2 cottages north of the lines. Submerge and look for the trains on the left hand side.

Visibility: 20 feet. The water here is tea colored, and gets very dark quickly. This is not due to mud or silt, but the harmless tannic acid that absorbs light. A high powered dive light is essential. There may also be a moderate current depending on the time of year.

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