Site Description

  • 2 Cars
  • 20ffw 7m
  • Wychwood Resort
  • Fenelon Falls

Access: Shore. Parking at Wychwood cottage resort. Straight off the beach, the floor deepens with “steps”. The cars are on the 20 foot deep “step”. Swim along that step to find the cars. You must ask for permission from the resort owner before diving.

Visibility: 20 feet. The water here is tea colored, and gets very dark quickly. This is not due to mud or silt, but the harmless tannic acid that absorbs light. A high powered dive light is essential.

  • Pick up after yourselves and others if need be
  • Take only pictures, memories, and trash off the bottom
  • Many shore dive sites are busiest on weekends so plan ahead
  • Remember you’re the ambassador for the sport when approached by onlookers and locals. Paying attention and being polite can lead to other opportunities and locations.
  • Have fun and lots of it after all that’s why you are there just like underwater beware of others around you for both positive and negative experiences
  • If you’re the guy with the camera, video, or go pro, take a minute to show those outside your group what’s underneath.

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