Motor Vessel Felice was a freight, passenger and mail boat for Consolidated Paper Co. of Montreal. Launched May 30, 1955 at John McLean and Son Shipyard in Mahone Bay for service to Bonaventure Island near Perce Rock, and her port of registry was Montreal. 

Certainly she was a capable vessel, suitable to a variety of light freight or passenger work, 68 feet in length. Consolidated Paper operated tourist and transportation services to islands in the Gulf of St. Lawrence including Anticosti and Bonaventure Islands.

High winds and possible overheating engine led to smoke below decks. The crew of three, including the owner, John Little of Ajax fired distress flares that were responded to by the Hall Corporation vessel Calgadoc. Diverting five miles off course, the Calgadoc and a responding RCMP patrol boat rescued the three, though the Felice sank during the rescue, about five miles north of Main Duck Island.

Eric Gagnon over at the Hanley Spur Blog is researching more about the Felice

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