F.H. PRINCE U120797

Table of Contents
  • Propeller
  • 18ffw 6m
  • 240ft Length
  • Kelley’s Island, Lake Erie
  • 41 36.240    82 40.520

Chronological History #

  • 1893, Dec 18 Owned Ogdensburg Transit Co., Ogdensburg.
  • 1906, Dec 9 Cut by ice, Ogdensburg.
  • 1910 Owned Great Lakes Freighting Co., Cleveland, OH; converted to sand & gravel boat.
  • 1911 Owned H.K. Oaks, Cleveland, OH.
  • 1911, Aug 8 Bow burned; beached on east side Kelleys Island, Lake Erie.
  • 1911, Aug 14 Fire rekindled; aft section burned; total loss & abandoned.
  • 1914 Engine removed by William Ellery, Detroit.

Selection of News Articles for more www.maritimehistoryofthegreatlakes.ca #

Steamer F. H. PRINCE 
      Official number 120797 
      Built of Wood 
      Gross Tonnage – 2,047 
      Net Tonnage – 19547 
      Keel Length – 240′ 
      8eam – 42′ 
      Depth – 23.4′ 
      The F. H. PRINCE was built in 1890, at Detroit, Michigan by the Detroit Shipbuilding Company, hull #102, for the Rutland Transportation Company, of Ogdensburg, N.Y., to be used in the package freight trade on the Great Lakes. She was sold in 1911, to Herbert K. Qakes, of Cleveland, Ohio, and converted to a sand dredge. She caught fire and was beached on the east side of Kelleys lsland, on the west end of Lake Erie, on August 8, 1911. The fire was brought under control by the sand dredges Albert Y. Gowan and MARY H., which were on their way frqm the sand dredging grounds off Pelee Island, bound for Sandusky, Ohio. The fire on the PRINCE was confined to. the forward end. She was heading N.N.W., when she struck the bottom. The next day the wind swung her around so that she headed south. On August 14, 1911, she caught fire once again, this time in the after part of the ship, and was completely destroyed. Loss was estimated at $50,000. Today, the propeller shaft and other parts of the wreckage can be found lying just off the Kelley Island landing strip for small planes. 
      Summary by Doug Fetherling 
      January 25, 1966 

      . . . . . 

      F.H. PRINCE Built 1890 Package Freight Propeller – Wood 
      U.S. No. 120797 2047 gt – 1547 nt 240′ x 42′ x 23.4′ 
Converted to sand dredge in 1911. Caught fire August 8, 1911, and beached on east side of Kelleys Island, Ohio, Lake Erie. Caught fire again August 14, 1911, and totally destroyed. 
      Detroit/Wyandotte Shipbuilding Master List 
      Institute for Great Lakes research 
      Perrysburg, Ohio 

Steam screw F.H. PRINCE. U. S. No. 120797. Of 2,047 tons gross. Built 1890. On August 8, 1911 vessel burned at Kelleys Island, Ohio, with 17 persons on board. No lives were lost. 
      Loss reported of American Vessels 
      Merchant Vessel List, U. S., 1912 

Steam screw F.H. PRINCE. U. S. No. 120797. Of 2,047 tons gross; 1,547 tons net. Built Detroit, Mich., 1890. Home port, Ogdensburg, N.Y. 240.0 x 42.0 x 23.4 Crew of 18. Of 800 indicated horsepower. 
      Merchant Vessel List, U. S., 1903 

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