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AKA Part of the Twisted Sisters along with PENTLAND

Twisted Sisters – – Tom Rutledge

GEORGER F.A. US120193 #

Construction Build City Tonawanda Build State NY
Vessel Type Schooner Number of Decks 1 Hull Materials Wood
Builder Name F.N. Jones
Original Owner Drake & Bartow, Buffalo, NY. Power (Sail) Sail Number Masts 3
Length 200.6′ Beam 35.4′ Depth 15′ Tonnage Gross 825.77 Tonnage Net 784.48
Notes History
1875, Jan 11 Enrolled Buffalo, NY.
1876 Owned Drake et al, Buffalo.
1878, Mar Owned Union Steamboat Company; operated between Chicago, IL & Lake Erie.
1878, Nov 27 Collision with schooner J. FRETTER, St. Clair River.
1881, Summer Towed by AVON & DEAN RICHMOND & B.W. BLANCHARD.
1882, Jun Towed by JAN GOULD in coal trade.
1883, Sep Aground Bois Blanc Island, Detroit River with coal.
1884, Apr 2 Sold by Union Steamship Co.
1888 – 89 Towed by ROUMANIA on numerous occasions.
1889, Jun Towed by BULGARIA.
1890, Spring Towed by PROGRESS.
1893, Apr 12 Underwent overhaul.
1893, May 26 Struck steambarge THOMAS MAYTHAM near Sault St. Marie, MI.
1893, Jul Towed by W.H. GRATWICK.
1893, Oct 7 Found by tug DOWLING near Parisian Island after reported missing.
1894, Jun Towed by WALLULA.
1898 – 1900 Reportedly went to coast, but likely stayed on the Lakes.
1898 Often towed by CUMBERLAND.
1898, Jul Towed by steamer ELPHICKE.
1900, Sep Towed by steamer ELPHICKE.
1900, Nov Towed by A.A. DARKER. 1
905, Nov 28 Dismasted, Lake Michigan.
1906, Jul 23 Collided with barge TROY at Port Huron, MI.
1911 Sold canadian: C112354; repaired; 200 x 35 x 14′; 784 net tons.
1912 Owned Antoine Wending, Brockville, ONT.
1913 Owned Brockville Transportation Co., Brockville, ONT.
1926 Abandoned due to poor condition, later refitted & returned to service.
1928, Aug 22 Burned at Brockville, St. Lawrence River.
1929 Scuttled with the F.A. GEORGER
2001 Subject of SOS Survey Findings still not released?

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