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Eureka - Tom Rutledge
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  • Schooner
  • Length: 102ft
  • Depths: 121 few
  • Location: Lake Ontario, Pigeon Island
  • N 44° 4.091′ W 076° 35.215′

Chronological History #

  • 1858 – Jun Launched; enrolled in Lewiston, NY.
  • 1860 – Enrolled Toledo, OH.
  • 1860 – #2 Toledo.
  • 1863 – #10 Owned King & Steel, Toledo.
  • 1864 – Owned Giles & Sylvester, Montreal, QUE.
  • 1866 – Sep Lost deck load lumber, Lake Ontario.
  • 1873 – Major repairs.
  • 1876 – Owned Williams et al, Montreal, C46229.
  • 1878 – Owned A. Cantin, Montreal; 102 x 24 x 9.5′, 152 net tons.
  • 1879 – Owned Williams et al, Montreal.
  • 1881 – Major repairs. 1883 Owned J. Donnelly, Montreal.
  • 1883 – Nov 26 Abandoned while sinking in a storm off Pigeon Island, east end Lake Ontario; owned Chambers & Chadwick, Kingston, ONT.

Selection of Historical Articles #

Kingston News Marine Record Dec. 6, 1883 #

THE EUREKA LOST Another schooner has gone down to the bottom and added one more to the long list of vessels lost this season by the heavy blows.

The vessel referred to is the EUREKA, Captain Chambers, owned by the captain and Mr. Chadwick, Kingston. She had on board 270 tons of coal, consigned to Mr. Walsh, of this city. The captain made the following statement this afternoon. He left Oswego yesterday at 12:30. The wind was blowing a stiff gale from the southeast. When they had got about ten miles from the shore the pumps of the EUREKA were sounded when there was found four inches of water in them.

The schooner then rode the billows deep with apparent ease, and the captain and crew began to feel confident that they would reach Kingston safely before 9 o’clock. Vain delusion. At three o’clock the wind began to whistle through the rigging of the EUREKA, and the captains’ expectations seemed to him to be only castles in the air. The wind came from the Sou-south-west. The sea was rolling at a terrible pitch, and the schooner was scudding before the wind like a chip. He had to jibe the foresail, which threw the sea on her lee side. At times the water swept over the deck of the EUREKA, and filled her to the rail. All the while the crew were at the pumps, working like Trojans. She began to leak off the Ducks.

When the captain saw that the schooner was leaking, he tried to set the fore gaff sail so as to beach her. He could not get it set and things began to look blue for the safety of the crew. Their lives were in danger. At about 5 o’clock she registered seven feet of water in her hold. They saw her settling and thought it time to abandon her. The sea was still running high. The yawl was lowered with difficulty, and the captain and six men jumped in and started for Simcoe Light.

Before they got far the yawl began to fill and death seemed to stare them in the face. Two men were kept constantly kept bailing out the yawl. As the crew had left nearly all their clothes on board the vessel, they were nearly frozen, the night is bitter cold. When very near Simcoe Light the captain looked back and saw his boat sinking. He says she gave two lurches, first from one side, and then went down.

The schooner is valued at $2,500 and was insured for $1,800. Captain Chambers paid $1,000 on her last summer, for his half. –

British Whig (Kingston, ON), Dec. 3, 1880 #

The sch. Eureka left Oswego this morning for Kingston. She is coal-laden. This vessel will be the last one to arrive. She was the 1st one to go out in the spring. Capt. Saunders is an energetic fellow.

Lost Tonnage on the Lakes in 1883  Marine Record, December 27, 1883 #

EUREKA Schooner of 211 Tons, and 25 years of age. Valued at $1,500. Became a total loss on Lake Ontario during 1883.

List of Vessels on the Registry Books of the Dominion of Canada on Dec. 31, 1874, Port of Montreal [Imperial Act.] #

Schooner EUREKA. Official Canada No. 46229. 0f 152 tons reg. Built at Wilson, N.Y.,in 1858. Homeport, Montreal, Que. 102.0 x 24.0 x 9.5. Owned by William Nickle of Kingston, Ont.

EUREKA – 1858 C46229 #

Lost Pigeon Island, Lake Ontario Sailing to KingstonSchooner EUREKA. Official Canada No. 46229. 0f 152 tons reg. Built at Wilson, N.Y., in 1858. Homeport, Montreal, Que. 102.0 x 24.0 x 9.5. Owned by William Nickle of Kingston, Ont.
Dominion of Canada on Dec. 31, 1874.
Registered at the Port of Montreal

Pre-Sinking #

Built-in the small sleepy village of Wilson New York, USA. (Near Buffalo) in 1858 from the local forest the masts were true and massive, so much so they looked too big. She was normally running the standard cargos from South to North Shores and back, in 1874 She was purchased for the coal trade between Kingston Ontario and Oswego New York and registered Canadian with the designation of 46229 she plied the waters with little or no notice.

Sinking #

The Sinking account is described by the Captain himself in an Interview when landing ashore in Kingston. The crew rowed a yawl boat over 5 nautical miles (8 KM) to Nine Mile Point in heavy swells that just swallowed his 10x sized schooner with no causalities.

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