• Emperor (Stern)100′ to 170′ 48 12.018’N 88 29.606’WEmperor (Bow)25′ to 60′ 48 12.003’N 88 29.525’W

Emperor. This steel freighter was built in 1910 and was lost in June 1947 when she ran aground on a rocky reef off Isle Royale. She was a 525 footer owned by the Canadian Steamships Line. She sank quickly with the bow resting in 25 to 60 feet of water and the stern settling into deeper water. Most divers approach her as two dives with less experienced divers focusing on the shallower bow area. More experienced divers can explore the stern at 100 to 170 feet. The ice has damaged the shallow portions of the wreck and the pilothouse is gone. However, anchors and much of her deck equipment remain to be explored in her forward section. Her stern includes her rudder and propeller, engine room and numerous cabins.

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