The wooden three- masted schooner Emma Nielson was built in 1883 in Manitowac and sank in 1911 after colliding with another ship called the Wyandotte in fog near Port Austin Michigan. The bow was crushed after the Emma Nielson ran right into the side of the Wyandotte. The vessel immediately began filing with water and sinking. Everyone was able to get off the ship and survive on the yawl boat. The wreck now sits in about 190 feet of water. It’s a beautiful little schooner with intact wooden wheel and an anchor on the lakebottom near the bow. The bow is cracked open from the collision and the damage is easily seen. All three masts are laying down but one is suspended up off the wreck with crows next attached to it. 

3D Model

This model was shot in one dive, 1322 images. The bottom time was about 30 minutes and we did 55 minutes of decompression. Rebreathers were used and Trimix 14/55

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