Dimensions: 88ft x 17ft x 7ft 104 GT  
Type of Wreck: Schooner
Location of Wreck: Nine-mile point
Place and Builder:    
Year Built: 1854

Buffalo Commercial Advertiser January 28, 1858 (1857 Casualty List) #

Schooner ELIZABETH, cargo pig iron, sunk on Lake Ontario. Property loss $5,000.      

Buffalo Commercial Advertiser July 9, 1857 2-6 #

The schr. ELIZABETH arrived at Port Hope, and bound from Kingston to Hamilton, with a cargo of pig iron, sprung a leak on the night of the 29th ult. when between False Duck and Nine Mile Pt., and soon went down in about 16 fathoms water. The Captain and crew saved themselves in the small boat. – Det. Adv.      

Detroit Free Press July 12, 1857 #

Schooner ELIZABETH, bound from Kingston for Hamilton with a cargo of pig iron, sprung a leak and sunk on 29th. June between the False Ducks and Nine Mile Point in 16 fathoms water. No lives lost.      

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