Dimensions: 47.0 x 10.3 x 6.8  25GT 18 NT
Type of Wreck: Tug
Location of Wreck: Pigeon Island
Place and Builder: Bedford Mills, John Chffey
Year Built: 1866

Buffalo Enquirer Saturday, May 9, 1891 #

Kingston, May 9. — The tug ELEANOR, towing two coal barges, sprung a leak last evening and sunk off Pigeon Island in 100 feet of water. The tug was valued at $2,000. No insurance. The crew was saved.      


Vessel Name ELEANOR Also Known As (AKA) ELEANORA,
Build Year: 1866 Official Number CANADIAN
Construction Build City Bedford Mills
Build State ONT
Vessel Type Tug (Towboat) Hull Materials Wood
Builder Name John Chaffey Master Carpenter W. Guthrie
Ownership Original Owner John Chaffey Dimensions Length 47′ Beam 10.3′ Depth 6.8′ Tonnage Gross 22 Tonnage Net 7
Final Location Pigeon Island. Lake Ontario.
Final Date Month 14 5 1891
Final Notes Towing two barges sprang leak & sunk.
1891 Dec 31 Register closed.
187 – Jun Remeasured 25 gross / 7 net tons.
1879 – Aug 2 Owned J. Francis Swift, Kingston, ONT.
1887 – Apr 19 Owned Charles Guildersleve, Kingston.
1891 -May 14 Sunk off Pigeon Island, Lake Ontario.            

National Archives, Canada Vol. 207 1867 – 1874 #

Type Steam Tug Tons 22
When built 1866
Where built Bedford Mills, County of Frontenac.
Present master William Murphy
Builders name & date of Certificate:- John Chaffey, Nov. 15, 1866
Description of the vessel: Masts None Length 47 feet Breadth 10 feet & 3/10ths.   Depth of hold 6 feet & 8/10ths. at amidships      
Stern Round
Bowsprit None
How rigged Not
How built Carvel
Figure-head None
Decks One
Engine-room 19 feet & 4/10ths. length and 12 tons weight.      
Subscribing owners: John Chaffey, sole owner, sold to J. Francis Swift of Kingston, dated Aug. 2, 1879, who sold to Chas. Gildersleeve of Kingston, dated Aug. 2, 1887.
NOTATIONS:– Vessel remeasured June 1877 as follows Gross Tonnage 25 tons Deductions 18 tons       Register Tonnage 7 tons       Length inside at 1/2 amidships depth 47 feet       Breadth inside amidships at 2/5ths. 9 feet       Tonnage of hull 22 tons [1871]       Tonnage of Engine-room 12 tons [1871]       Register tonnage 10 tons [1871] Register’s Note. VESSEL SUNK IN LAKE ONTARIO, REGISTER CLOSED DECEMBER 31, 1891    

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