Mary Fox

  • Schooner
  • Buried by Backfill
  • Belleville ON

“I was also interested in the reference to the remains of a hulk near the embankment leading to the Bay Bridge, more particularly as my father, W. Walter Lee, C.E., designed and built the bridge and his name may still be seen on the stone which was set up on its completion and is now at the Prince Edward approach. It is possible that the wreck referred to is what remains of a scow, which was used to transport the spans which were erected on land and floated to their positions on the piers. I am inclined to the opinion, however, that the wreck is that of a rather good-looking schooner which was anchored at about the spot you mention and which burned at her moorings many years ago. I do not remember the ship’s name but I seem to recall that it was owned and sailed by a man named Craig and following his death was being looked after by his brother who was, I think, employed in Mr. D. V. Sinclair’s dry goods store.”

(This may have been the Mary Fox of Bath, rebuilt in 1878 and renamed Edward Hanlan, after the great oarsman. Capt. Byron Bongard sailed her for some time. She was burned in 1894 or 1895, after being laid up for some years).

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