• Steamer
  • 50ffw 17m
  • 74ft Length
  • 46 06.314 N 83.44.706 W

E. J. LaWay. The small steamer E. J. LaWay was built at Cheboygan, Michigan in 1914. The “E.J.” measured 73 feet long and 20 feet in beam. On April 19, 1929, she was transporting a load of coal when she was cut by ice. Her captain tried to beach her on a nearby island but failed to make it and she settled into about 50 feet of water. Today, she sits on the bottom listing slightly to port with the stern being higher than the bow. The forward section of the vessel has collapsed and split open, but from the cargo hatch rearward the hull is largely intact. The pilot house and rear upper decks and cabins have fallen forward and to port. Most of the upper decks, cabins, and their contents lie in a large debris field on the bottom of the port side of the hull. A large steam windlass is situated on the main deck. The boiler and steam engine can be found intact with gauges and a steam condenser.

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