• Dredger
  • 45ffw 15m
  • 79ft Length
  • Leamington ON, Lake Erie
  • 41 59.750    82 26.738

The Dominion is located on a rock and sand bottom.  Coal that fired her steam boiler lays scattered about.  Near the boiler are china shards and on the starboard side are large “C” clamps.  The stern is broken.  The chain lays wrapped around the winch. The dredge boom lies to the north.

DOMINION (1883, Dredge)IDENTIFICATIONYear of Build:1883CONSTRUCTION AND OWNERSHIPBuilt at:Toledo, OHVessel Type:DredgeBuilder Name:Abraham GilmoreDIMENSIONSLength:70’Beam:26.5’Depth:6’HISTORY

1892, Nov Sunk off Point Pelee, Lake Erie.

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