Other names   :  none

Official no.     : C90526

Type at loss    :  barge, wood   [built as a propeller]

Build info       :  1890, D. Hook, Chatham, Ont.

Specs              :  95x24x5, 138gc  94nc

Date of loss    :  1898, Mar

Place of loss   :  at Chatham, Ont.

Lake                : St Clair

Type of loss    : ice

Loss of life     :  none

Carrying         :  none

Detail              : Sunk and a total loss after being crushed by ice in the Thames River while tied to a dock at Chatham.

Rebuilt as barge in 1898 at Chatham. This is probably the vessel which went ashore at Michael’s Bay, Manitoulin Island, in October of 1895.

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