Other names   :  none

Official no.     :  C none

Type at loss    :  schooner, wood, 2-mast

Build info       :  1867, D. Tait, Wellington, Ont.

Specs              :  79x19x6,  76 t.

Date of loss    :  1879, Nov 20

Place of loss   :   Ford’s Shoal, near Oswego

Lake                :  Ontario

Type of loss    :  storm

Loss of life      :  none

Carrying         :  light

Detail              :  Caught in a great storm that swept the lakes, she anchored under South Point for shelter. Her anchor chains soon parted and she set sail to try and run before the wind to Oswego. While trying to make the harbor she went on one end of Ford’s Shoal, where she pounded to pieces. She had been bound from Oswego for Mill Point, Ont. Owned by her skipper, Capt. O’Hagan and E. W. Rathbun of Oswego.

Collided with the steamer DROMEDARY at Hamilton and sunk in November 1871.

On Sep 18, 1870, she was outbound from Charlotte for Shannonville, Ont, in company with her fleet mate, FLORENCE HOWARD. About 15 miles out the two crossed tacks and the HOWARD, under full sail, rammed the DOMINION amidships. The latter heeled over and sank quickly, her crew barely having time to abandon in her yawl. They were picked up by the lumber schooner GEARING. Both vessels were owned by David Andrews of Charlotte or Napanee, Ont.

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