• Dredge
  • 20ffw 7m
  • 60ft Length
  • Portage River Plate, Lake Erie
  • 41 33.663   82 55.7

Located on a mud bottom near the east end of the Camp Perry Firing Range, her large winch is only about 12 feet below the water’s surface.  The barge lies on a north/south axis with a large hand worked anchor off of the wreck.  To the east is coiled cable and a debris field.  To the south is what we believe to be a smoke stack.  One spud remains on the southwest corner and bollard style tow bit is at the bow.

CAUTION: As this wreck sits in close proximity to Camp Perry’s Firing Range, you should heed the marine radio warning broadcast on channel 16 when there is firing in the nearby impact area to the north and west.

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