• Schooner
  • 20ffw 8m
  • Cardinal, St. Lawrence River
  • N43 13 1819 W079 15 5319

Mills Listing #

Item: 15051: DELAWARE #

  • Name of Ship: DELAWARE Year of Registration: 1904
  • Type of Ship: Wooden Schooner
  • Port of Registry: Picton, Ontario
  • Where Built: Oswego, New York Gross Tonnage: 152 Net Tonnage: 152
  • Remarks: Sunk in the St. Lawrence River and abandoned in 1901
  • The registry closed August 20, 1904
  • Official Number: 83152
  • Reference: 1584|42 Volume: 1584 Other Reference: Old Volume Pages Microfilm Reel # See Volume No. 371 110 C-2435 Item Number: 15051

First Registration #

Name: [ DELAWARE ] Location: [PICTON, ONTARIO, CANADA ] Registriation: [ 2/1904 ] Date Registered: [ 1904/08/01 ] Official Number: [ 83152 ] First Registration: [ NO ]

Second Registration #

Original Building Information
Built By: [ UNKNOWN ] Built At: [ OSWEGO N.Y. USA, NEW YORK, USA ] Date Built: [ 1880/07 ] Gross: [ 152.49 ] Net: [ 152.49 ]
Vessel Description
Deck: [ ONE ] Type: [ CARVEL ] Stern: [ROUND ] Gallery: [NONE ] Figure: [ NO ] Frame: [ OAK ] Propulsion: [ SAILING ] Number of Masts: [ TWO ] Type of Rig: [ SCHOONER ]
Closing Information
Date Registration Closed: [ 1904/08/20 ] Date of Reason Closed: [1901 ] Reason Closed: [SUNK ] Place Closed: [ ST.LAWRENCE RIVER BELOW CARDINAL, ONTARIO, CANADA ]
Source of Data
N.A.C., RG-42, C-2435, VOL. 371

Selection of News Articles for more www.maritimehistoryofthegreatlakes.ca #

Schooner Days – DXVI for the full story #

The Rapids Prince, it will be remembered, was on the bottom all summer, defying rescue efforts until last week, and then only moved 200 yards before she grounded again. So it was with the Prince’s grandmother, the Queen, 40 years ago. Delaware had been towed down by the Donelly’s, or some other wrecking outfit, possibly Capt. Leslie’s, as a tool-barge or lighter. Pumping and pontooning attempts failing, the heroic measure of building a coffer dam, to back the water up and form a favorable eddy was taken. How build a dam where the current was so swift? everybody asked. “Try me!” shouted through Delaware’s hawse-pipes the spirit of old Dave Andrews, curly mustache, gold chain, bulging cigar and all. “We will,” agreed the wreckers. They bored holes in Delaware’s white oak bottom with augers and plugged them with long poles, dumped some rock ballast into her to hold her down, hauled her inside the despondent pleasure steamer – Delaware only drew four feet stripped for action – and pulled the plugs out. In rushed the river and she settled, decks under, into her self-chosen grave. She raised the water around the steamer, all right, and she broke the run of the current. She never floated again. Such was the end

1887 Casualty List (Total losses)
      Marine Record
      December 15, 1887 p. 4 #

Schooner DELAWARE, 166 Tons, Built 1872. Home port, Belleville. Owned by Downey. Class A 2 and a half. On November 25, 1887, the vessel, with no cargo, went ashore on Lake Ontario and became a total loss. Property loss of $4,500.

List of Vessels of the Dominion
      of Canada on the 31st. of Dec. 1886 #

Schooner DELAWARE, Canadian Official No. 83152. Home port, Belleville. Built 1880 at Oswego. 105 x 22 x 8 of 152 Reg. tons. Owned by N. Allen of Belleville

Inland Lloyds
      Vessel Register, 1882 #

Schr. DELAWARE of 165 tons. Built South Bay by John Tait in 1872. Home Port Oswego. Owned by Jas. McCarthy. Value $5,000 Class, A 2 1/2. Rebuilt 1880. Remarks – Formerly DAVID ANDREWS

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