C. Patrick Labadie Collection
  • Schooner
  • 25ffw 8m
  • 171ft Length
  • Point Pelee, Lake Erie
  • 250 yds. offshore, Pigeon Bay near Leamington, ON
  • 41 58.692  82 32.940

Chronological History #

  • 1868 Jul 28 Ashore Peach Island, Detroit River.
  • 1868 Oct Ashore Pilot Island, Green Bay.
  • 1869 Jun 14 Still ashore Pilot Island; may be raised.
  • 1871 Owned Lockwood & Kelley, Cleveland.
  • 1876 Owned Milan, MI.
  • 1879 Major repairs.
  • 1883 Major repairs.
  • 1884 Owned D. Rodgers et al, Buffalo, NY.
  • 1884 May 19 Ashore below St. Clair Flats; released; pig iron lightered.
  • 1890 Owned R.H. White, Detroit, MI; large repairs.
  • 1891 Mar 27 Owned John W. Squires, Marine City, MI.
  • 1891 Oct 28 Ashore Madison Dock near Geneva, OH, 13 mi. below Fairport, OH in gale.
  • 1892 Apr Released.
  • 1893 Oct 6 Sunk and abandoned inplace.

Selection of News Articles for more www.maritimehistoryofthegreatlakes.ca #

Buffalo Enquirer 
      October 7, 1893 7-4  #

Leamington, Oct. 7 – All day yesterday two schooners were anchored off the west side of Point Pelee, trying to weather the terrible gale that blew over Lake Erie. When night came they hung out their lights as usual. 
      At 11:00 the lights suddenly disappeared. This morning at daybreak one of the schooners, the DAVID STEWART, was discovered sunk within 250 yards offshore with 5 men and 1 woman clinging to the rigging. Great waves were rushing over the rigging and threatening every moment to wash away the survivors of the wreck. A mile and a half out the mast of the other schooner could be seen, and the strongest glasses failed to show any appearance of life in the rigging. The name of the boat cannot be ascertained. 
      The schr. DAVID STEWART sunk off Point Pelee last night, registers 518 tons and was built at Cleveland, and is owned by Peck of Marine City. 

Port Huron Daily Times 
      Tuesday, October 10, 1893  #

The schooner DAVID STEWART has been abandoned by the Underwriters. She is rapidly breaking up.

U.S. Weather Bureau’s Report on Wrecks 
      Occurring on Lake Erie, 1885 to 1893  #

      Schooner DAVID STEWART foundered in a heavy southwest gale on Lake Erie and became a total loss on October 6, 1893. The crew suffered much hardship in the rigging for fourteen hours before their rescue was effected by the fishing tug LOUISE, from Sandusky. The estimated value of the vessel and cargo is $18,000

Merchant Vessel List, U.S., 1891 #

Schooner DAVID STEWART. U. S. No. 6144. Of 545.41 tons gross; 518.14 tons net. Built at Cleveland, Ohio in 1867. Home port, Port Huron. 171.1 x 31.2 x 13.4

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