1906-1919. 535.34 tons gross, 516.49 tons net, 170.4’ (between perpendiculars) (Bascom and Gillham said 180’ but that may have been overall). Capacity 38,000 bushels. Launched at Garden Island Ontario by Henry Roney at 1330 on 23 June 1885. At first three masts, later one. Apparently never had spars. Round stern. Cost about $20,000. 1890 Rated A 1. and valued at $15,000. 1906 value $4,000. 1908 value $3,000. 1910-12 value $7,000. 1913 value $6,500. 1914 value $6,000. 1914 insurance rating = 90 restricted to the St. Lawrence River. 1915 value $5,500. 1916 value $4,500. 1917 value $12,000. 1918 value $10,300. 1919 value $8,400 restricted to Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River.

Kingston and Montreal Forwarding were DAKOTA’s first owners and they chartered her to Hall Corp for the Charlotte (Rochester New York) – Brockville Ontario coal traffic. On one voyage in June of 1886 she carried 30,000 bushels of grain to Montreal, and in July of the same year on one voyage carried 784 tons of coal to Montreal, both the largest to that date through the canals. In June of 1887 she carried a cargo of 1,140 tons of coal from Charlotte to Brockville. She was ashore near Oswego New York with a cargo of coal on passage to Montreal in July 1892. She was lightered [see definitions] of 400 tons and hauled off. She received a new deck and repairs in 1893. Her ownership was transferred to Montreal Transportation Co. in 1906 when they took over the Kingston & Montreal Forwarding Co.

Rebuilt in 1911 and repaired in 1915, in 1919 she was sold “as is” to A.A. Larocque as part of a $75,000 package with nine other barges. Her 1921-26 owner was William Quarrier Stobo of Quebec City. Stobo was associated with the Canada Import Co., Canada Shipping Co., Webster Shipping. Co. and St. Lawrence Stevedoring Co.

DAKOTA was wrecked at Port Albert Ontario (north of Goderich on Lake Huron) on 31 August 1926 (Bascom and Gillham said Scrapped in 1927). Her registry was closed on 1 March 1927.

It is not clear whether she was named for the American grain-growing states of North and South Dakota, or, directly for the Siouxan First Nation as one of the Garden Island-built series of barges with aboriginal names. Alphonse Arsene Larocque (1865-1936) was managing director of Sincennes-McNaughton tugs. He bought control of the firm in 1917. Sincennes-McNaughton owned Consolidated Sand Co., Touzin Sand and Atlas Transportation as well as other companies. Larocque became a director of the Bank of Hochelaga and then president of the Montreal Dry dock and Ship Repair Co. In 1919 he bought AUGUSTUS and ten smaller Montreal Transportation Co. barges (CONDOR, DAKOTA, DORCHESTER, DUNMORE, KINGSTON, LAPWING, MUSKOKA, SELKIRK, VALENCIA and WINNIPEG).

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