US 5965

CURLEW wooden river tug (C 122178 ex U 5965). 1906-1907. Original: 63.06 tons gross, 31.53 net, 77.0’ (register). As rebuilt 1907: 84.6 tons gross, 57.53 registered tons. She was built by C.J. Rose in 1867 at Ogdensburg New York. Round stern. Originally she had a high-pressure single-cylinder engine with no condenser = 80 indicated horsepower, 10.6 rated horsepower. After 1916 she had a compound engine = 24.4 rated horsepower.

C.J. Rose himself may have been CURLEW’s first owner. She was sold to Hall and Gardiner in 1875 and passed to George Hall in 1880. She was rebuilt at Ogdensburg by H.C. Pearson at the St. Lawrence Marine Railway in 1901. Montreal Transportation Co. bought her from Hall. She foundered and was then salvaged in 1907. Montreal Transportation Co. sold her to J.D. Morrison of Port Arthur Ontario. She was rebuilt for the third time at Port Arthur in 1907 and then sold to the Great Lakes Dredging Co. in 1908. They still owned her in 1917. In 1920, her owner may have been J. O’Brien of Ottawa. Her 1924-33 owner was again shown as Great Lakes Dredging and Contracting. She was scuttled in 1933 and her registry was closed on 28 November 1936.

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