Unidentified Schooner (Crystal)

  • Schooner
  • 120ffw 37m
  • 121ft Lengths
  • Long Point, Lake Erie
  • 42 27.135    80 16.536

The name Crystal is derived from the glass pieces found on her.  She is sometimes referred to as the Hook for the fish net snag that located her.  Regardless of what she is called, the vessel’s excellent condition and the liberal amounts of old hemp fish net draping her make the Crystal Wreck one of the prettiest we have encountered. 
A tie in line at the bow puts the diver near the vessel’s port anchor. She has a beautiful bowsprit, draped in net, rising over 20 feet off the bottom. Aft of this is the windlass and toward the port side a mass of net is held suspended by several floats. A section of her port rail is broken.
Proceeding toward the stern, there is a pump, broken mast rail, mast stump, and the first of her holds. Aft of the capstan is an opening revealing her centerboard. The sheet winch sits forward of her main mast and then another hold and pump. The cabin has blown off but toward the starboard side sits the ships stove, complete with dishes and a fry pan for the diver to view. The raised stern is completely covered in net, which protects the intact wheel, steering gear, and a metal pail. 
The visibility is often in the 70 to 90 foot range, but the bottom temperature is no greater than 45º.

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