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  • Cornwall ON
  • Old Canal, High Current Low Vis

CORNWALL lake barge (C 94889). 1890-1913. 607.72 tons gross, 585.96 tons register, 178.6’ (between perpendiculars) 184.6’ (overall). Capacity 45,000 bushels on the lakes, 36,000 bushels at 9’ draft in canals. Launched by Ainsley (Montreal Transportation Co.) at Kingston Ontario on Monday 16 June 1890. Three masts as built, none later. Round stern. Cabin on deck. 1890 rated A1. 1892 rated A11⁄2 and valued at $19,000. 1897 rated A2 and valued at $13,500. 1902 value $6,000. 1903 value $5,400. 1906 value $5,000. 1908 value $4,000. 1910-12 value $4,500.

The barge CORNWALL was already loaded and ready for service when launched and she was headed for Montreal three days later. She sank on 31 October 1903 and was raised. In 1906 she was sunk by collision with the steamer DUNDURN (C 112207, 1,120 tons) in the Soulanges Canal and sank again in 16’ of water when she hit a rock off Smith’s Island in the Brockville Ontario narrows on 11 June 1907. She was aground on Howe Island near Kingston in 1911. Her lines from the tug EMERSON broke and she sank in the Cornwall Canal at Dickinson’s Landing Ontario on 2 October 1913. She was abandoned when her grain cargo swelled and her seams opened. Her registry was closed on 4 November 1913. The wreck was stripped of pumps and other valuables and then sold to A.J. Lee of Montreal for $1. Montreal Transportation Co. wrote her off for $4,500.

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