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Cornwall RC 1
  • Paddle Wheeler
  • 70ffw
  • 175ft length
  • Amherst Island, Lake Ontario
  • N 44′ 08.267 W 76′ 37.144

Notes: River Palace by Rick Neilson and Walter Lewis
The Kingston was wrecked many times and survived spectacular fires in 1872 and 1873. Late in her career, she was converted into a salvage vessel and renamed the Cornwall. In 1930 she was finally taken out and sunk near one of Kingston’s ship graveyards. There she remained until diver Rick Neilson discovered her in 1989. Today, the once palatial Kingston is a popular dive site and tourist attraction.

Chicago Inter Ocean  August 2, 1889 #

Ogdensburg, August 1. — The ALGERIAN of the Royal Mail Line upbound from Montreal struck a rock this morning near Morrisburg.

Statement of Wreck & Casualty for 1889 Dept. of Marine & Fisheries #

Paddlewheel steamer ALGERIAN of 575 tons, and 15 years of age. Bound from Montreal to Toronto stranded in a fog at Farren’s Point, Canal bank August 1, 1889. Vessel a partial loss. Homeport, Montreal. Amount of loss $300

List of Vessels on the Registry Books of the Dominion Of Canada on December 31, 1886 #

Steam paddle ALGERIAN. Official Canada No. 71609. Of 914 tons gross; 575 tons reg. Built Kingston, Ont., 1874. Homeport, Montreal, Que. 175.3 x 17.1 x 9.9. Owned by Ther Richelieu & Ontario Navigation Co.

Steamboat Inspection Report Casualty Report for 1898/99 #

Quebec Division. – September 8, 1898. – Tug IDA, of Quebec, while proceeding from Lachine to Beauharnois with barges in tow, collided with the passenger steamer ALGERIAN, of Montreal, destroying the tug’s upper works, but causing no damage to the ALGERIAN. No loss of life. Cause, the tug’s signal lights were not lit.

Sessional Papers No.11, 1900 #

Preliminary List of Canadian Merchant Vessels Inland & Coastal, 1809 – 1930 #

Steam paddle KINGSTON.
Built at Montreal in 1855.
Rebuilt Montreal 1872 and renamed BAVARIAN,
rebuilt Kingston 1874 and renamed ALGERIAN,
renamed CORNWALL in 1904.
Official Canadian Number [in 1874], 71609. 176 x 27 x 10.
DISPOSITION. — Scrapped in 1930

Buffalo Evening News Wednesday, August 4, 1897, 4 – 2 #

Two Steamers Have A Narrow Escape In The St. Lawrence River. Kingston, Ont., Aug. 4. – Two passenger steamers, the AMERICA of the America line, and the ALGERIAN of the Richelieu & Ontario Navigation Company, collided in the famous Lachine Rapids of the St. Lawrence River, near Montreal. Both were crowded with passengers, and a panic ensued when the vessels came together Above the roar of the rapids came to the grinding and splintering of wood as the two boats dashed down the rapids together. Many of the passengers fainted and pandemonium reigned on board.

By a miracle on one on either boat was injured, and the damage to both boats is comparatively slight when the peril they were in is considered. The bulwarks of the AMERICA on the side she struck the ALGERIAN have torn away and the woodwork is otherwise damaged. The ALGERIAN, being the larger and heavier boat, escaped much serious damage.

As soon as the end of the rapids was reached, the steamers were headed for docks and the passengers disembarked.

List of Canadian Vessels Whose Names Have Changed during Year ending Dec. 31, 1905 #

CORNWALL. Official Canadian No. 71609. Homeport, Montreal, Que. formerly ALGERIAN.


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