Cora W Post – – Tom Rutledge
  • Schooner
  • 30ffw – Hole to 134ffw
  • 40ft Length – Hole is 400ft length swim to 134.
  • Howe Island, St. Lawrence River
  • N44 14 44 W76 18 23

Dimensions: 40ft x 12.2ft 4.7ft 13.12GT 10.4NY 
Type of Wreck: Schooner
Location of Wreck: N44 14 44 W76 18 23
Place and Builder: Little Sodus NY 
Year Built: 1875

Marine Review August 20, 1891 Kingston Ont. Sept. 24 #

On Friday night the sloop CORA POST was coming up the river with 15,000 brick. There were no lights on board. The LOUISE struck her when she went down in a few minutes. Her crew had barely time to get on the steamer. The POST and cargo were not insured. Loss $3,000.      

The Marine Review September 24, 1891       #

The steamer PRINCESS LOUISE, implicated in the sinking of the schooner CORA POST recently, is still under seizure. Action will be taken against the St Lawrence River Steamboat Company for the value of the POST. Capt. Rathwell owns her but she was chartered by the steamboat company.      

Buffalo Enquirer August 18, 1891 #

A dispatch from Clayton, N.Y., says: The steamer PRINCESS LOUISE, with a load of excursionists on board, while running late Friday night between Gananoque and Kingston, collided with the two masted schooner CORA POST, near St. John’s Island. A big hole was made in the schooner and she quickly filled and sank. Her crew with considerable difficulty succeeded in boarding the PRINCESS LOUISE, which was not materially damaged, The excursionists were badly frightened and it was with the greatest difficulty that the officers of the steamer prevented a panic. It is stated that the schooner did not carry any lights at the time of the collision. No one was injured. Apparently, no blame can be attached to the officers of the steamer.      

Herman Runge List #

Schooner CORA W. POST, U. S. No. 125393. Of 13 tons gross. Built Little Sodus, N.Y.,1875. 40.0 x 12.2 x 4.7 Sold Canadian with Official Canada No. 83299. Retained same name. [no date]      

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