Site Description

  • Dockage
  • 40ffw 13m
  • Midland, Georgian Bay
  • Lake Huron

Depth: 20 to 40 feet

Attractions: An 1800s coal dock provides for an interesting backdrop to the many artifacts and attractions. There are many park benches sitting under the wall, old timbers, bicycles, and a dismembered ceramic clown head (if you find him, make sure to say hi!). Plenty of old “treasures” could be found here.

Access: Shore, parking at Midland Bay Landing Park. Entrance to the water is at the dropped pin. From there, swim along the wall of the dock and enjoy! This site is only divable from Thanksgiving Weekend to May 24 weekend. Outside of these dates, there are cruise ships docking here, fishing, and extremely heavy boat traffic from the nearby marina. Always dive with a dive flag and a knife for fishing line.

Visibility: 20 feet. The water is dark but clear. It is very easily silted up by divers and wind. A light is recommended.

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