CLEVELAND river barge. 1872-1912. 328.92 tons gross. 138.4’. Capacity 24,000 bushels. Built by F. Cantin at Quebec City in 1872. 1874 rated 1 out of a possible 3 and valued at $9,000. 1878 again rated 1 and valued at $6,500. 1884 rated B1. 1890 rated A2 and valued at $6,000. 1892 rated A21⁄2 and valued at $5,200. 1897 rated B1 and valued at $4,000, required repairs. CLEVELAND was caulked and had large repairs in 1881. She was rebuilt at Kingston in 1883-85 and was chartered to the Ogdensburg Coal and Transport Co. in 1888. Further repairs (new forefoot and caulking) were done in 1889. 1902-12 Montreal Transportation Co. Directors’ Reports and minutes showed her as “on hand but of no value”. She was abandoned in the Cataraqui River at Kingston about 1908 and her remains are among those still there and visible at low water. She was removed from the register in 1915.

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