Dimensions 79ft x 19ft x 6ft  
Type of Wreck: Schooner
Location of Wreck: Grenadier Island 44° 23′ 40.4988″ N -75° 53′ 14.2188″ W
Place and Builder: Dog Lake, Christopher Harris
Year Built: 1871

Toronto Globe Monday, December 2, 1889 #

THE “CLARA WHITE” BURNED. Kingston, Dec. 1. – The schooner CLARA WHITE has been burned near Brockville to the water’s edge. A year ago she was rebuilt by the Rathbuns. The vessel took fire off Grenadier Island. The crew were saved. The cook had her hair singed. The CLARA WHITE was a two-master, valued at $1,600 and insured for $1,000.      

Statement of Wreck & Casualty, 1889 Dept. of Marine & Fisheries. #

CLARA WHITE, a schooner of 63 tons reg. and registered at the port of Kingston, took fire while lying at anchor at Grenadier Island on November 28, 1889. She was a total loss with an amount of loss valued at $1,600. She was 18 years old.      

Milestones #

Vessel Name WHITE, CLARA Build Year 1871
Official Number CANADIAN
Construction Build City Dog Lake, Storrington
Build State ONT
Vessel Type Scow Schooner
Number of Decks 1
Builder Name Christopher Harris
Ownership Original Owner Christopher Harris
Original Owner Location Storrington Power (Sail)
Sail Number Masts 2
Dimensions Length 78.7 Beam 18.5 Depth 6.3 Tonnage Gross 82 Tonnage Net 62
Final Location Grenadier Island near Brockville, ONT. St. Lawrence River
Final Date 28 11 1889
Final How Fire.
1873 – Jan 21 Owned Alfred Eccles, Wolfe Island.
1874 – Dec 13 Owned Samuel Cardwell et al, Kingston, ONT.
1882 – Major repairs.
1887 – Apr 2 Owned William Newman et al.
1887 – Nov 19 Aground Indian Point, Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario; slight damage.
1888 – Rebuilt. 1889, Nov 28 Burned St. lawrence River; owned Captain Bebiah Major.
1889 – Dec Register closed.      

PORT OF KINGSTON Year Number 15 of 1871 #

Port Number, 247
Description: Schooner Tons: 62
When Built: 1871
Where Built: Dog Lake, district of Storrington, County of Frontenac      
Present Master: Christopher Harris, June 7, 1871
Description of Vessel:
Length : 78 feet & 7/10ths.      
Breadth: 18 feet & 5/10ths.      
Depth of hold: 6 feet & 3/10ths.      
Masts: Two       Stern: Elliptical       Bowsprit: Standing       How Rigged: Schooner       How built: Carvel       Figure-head: none       Decks: One Subscribing owners: Christopher Harris sole owner, sold to Alfred Eccles of Wolf Island dated Jan. 21, 1873 who sold to Samuel Cardwell & John Shannon dated Dec. 13, 1874, who transferred his full 64 shares to Patrick McAuley of South Marysburgh on the same date.      
Length inside at half amidships depth: 63 feet      
Breadth inside at 2/5ths. 16 feet & 5/10ths.

NOTATIONS:- Vessel totally destroyed by fire at Grenadier Island in the River St. Lawrence, November 28, 1889. Register cancelled Dec. 1889 ( after many owners, William Newman & James Reid were the registered owners of the CLARA WHITE on April 2, 1887

Statement of Wreck & Casualty 1886 Dept. of Marine & Fisheries. #

CLARA WHITE went ashore on Indian Point, Quinte Bay November 19, 1886 when bound from Oswego to Kingston, she was then 15 years old and 63 tons reg. She was not badly damaged and was got off with slight damages.      

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