• Schooner
  • 90ffw 28m
  • 135ft length
  • Amherst Island, Lake Ontario
  • N44 04 580 W76 44 081

3D Model by 3D Shipwrecks #

CITY OF SHEYBOYGAN U125128 Model by Matthew Charlesworth

Collection of News Articles #

Toronto Globe Wednesday, September 29, 1915 #

FIVE PERSONS DROWNED WHEN C H E B O Y G A N SANK ILL-FATED SCHOONER, LOADED WITH FELDSPAR, FOUNDERED OFF AMHERST ISLAND (Canadian Press Dispatch)       Kingston, Sept. 28. – A bad wreck took place on Lake Ontario Sunday morning when the schooner CHEBOYGAN, loaded with feldspar, on her way from Kingston to Buffalo, foundered a few miles off Amherst Island. Five people lost their lives, including Captain MacDonald and wife; W. Joyner, Kingston; J. Lavis, Cobourg, and Robert Milne, Port Hope. One lone spar is sticking up near the scene of the wreck, and Joseph Bray, living on Amherst Island, says he saw the boat go down. It was impossible for a small boat to live in the sea. The CHEBOYGAN had various mishaps this season.

Port Huron Daily Times Monday, November 8, 1886 #

The schooner CITY OF CHEBOYGAN, [sic] coal-laden Fort Brady, struck a rock near Detour Friday night and sunk stern first in deep water. The woman cook was drowned. The crew is at Detour.

Casualty List for 1886 ( Total loss) The Marine Record December 30, 1886, p.6 #

The Schooner CITY OF SHEBOYGAN, of 246 Tons, built 1871, sunk at Detour November 5th, 1886 with the loss of one life. Considered a total loss. Property loss $9,000.

The Marine Record May 12, 1887 p.1 #

CHICAGO. – Capt. John Jenks, returned Saturday from Detour, he had made an inspection of the schooner CITY OF SHEBOYGAN, sunk east of Pipe Island on Drummonds, for her owner and others interested. He states her bow is under water nineteen feet, and her stern thirty-nine feet and he estimates she can be raised and placed in drydock for $2,500

The Marine Record Thursday, May 26, 1887 p.1 #

The Marine Record Thursday, July 7, 1887 p.5 #

Detroit. – The LEVIATHAN has been engaged to raise the schooner CITY OF SHEBOYGAN, sunk at Detour. The contract price has not been made known but is believed to be $2,500. This will be the final attempt, as several companies have failed to raise her. What the LEVIATHAN fails to get is virtually beyond redemption.

Chicago. – The Dunham Wrecking and Towing Co., have accepted a contract for raising the schooner CITY OF SHEBOYGAN.

Merchant Vessel List, U.S., 1886 #

The Schooner CITY OF SHEBOYGAN. U.S. No. 125218. Of 259.52 tons gross, 246.55 tons net. Built 1871 at Sheboygan, Wis. Homeport, Chicago, Ill. 135.0 x 25.0 x 10.0

Marine Review February 1916 #

The CITY OF SHEBOYGAN Schooner, foundered on Lake Ontario with the loss of five lives, September 25, 1915. NOTE:- The vessel was enrolled in both the U. S. A. and Canada as the CITY OF SHEBOYGAN.

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