• Propeller
  • 90ffw 29m
  • 129ft Length
  • Location of Wreck:
    Timber Island, Lake Ontario N 43’58.331 W76’46.342

Chronological History #

  1. 1872 Apr 27 Registered Kingston ON
  2. 1872 Apr 29 Launched.
  3. 1872 Oct 14 Burned.

2022 Photos by Cory Phillips CC #

David Swayze Shipwreck File Info #

  • CHINA  Other names   :  none Official no.     : C none
  • Type at loss    :  propeller, wood, bulk freight
  • Build info       :  1872, W. Power & Co., Kingston, Ont.
  • Specs              :  130x25x12   ca.355gc 
  • Date of loss    :  1872, Oct 13 Place of loss   :  near Kingston, Ont. Lake: Ontario
  • Type of loss    :  fire Loss of life      :  none
  • Carrying         :  300 t.pig iron, merchandise, passengers
  • Detail              : CHINA caught fire and burned about 12 miles W of  Kingston, a $34,000 loss.  The fire aboard spread quickly, and by the time the steamer AMERICA arrived at the scene a short time later, all of the passengers and crew were crowded at the bow.  The AMERICA took them off, and they were returned to Kingston on the steamer  CITY OF LONDON.The wreck is located between 9-mile pt. and False Ducks.
  • Owned out of Hamilton by John Proctor.

2017 Photos Matthew Charlesworth CC #

Selection of Historical Articles #

St. Catharines Evening Journal October 14, 1872 #

Burning Of The Propeller CHINA – By a private telegram received in town today (Monday), we learn that the propeller CHINA, of the Merchants’ Line, was destroyed by fire about 12 miles from Kingston yesterday morning. The propeller AMERICA, Captain James McMaugh, went to her assistance and succeeded in saving the passengers and crew. The CHINA was built in Hamilton and launched last spring and was, we believe, the first-rate boat. She was owned in Hamilton.      

Buffalo Commercial Advertiser October 15, 1872 3-5 #

The Canadian prop. CHINA bound up, with a cargo of merchandise, was burned Sunday night about 8:00, 15 miles from Kingston.      

The Toronto Mail Tuesday, October 15, 1872 #

STEAMER BURNT – The Propeller `CHINA’ Destroyed Near Kingston The Crew Rescued Kingston, Oct. 14 – The propeller CHINA, Capt. Patterson, which left here for the west at 7 o’clock last evening, took fire opposite Nine Mile Point and was burnt to the water’s edge in about three-quarters of an hour. She had 300 tons of pig iron on board. The crew were taken off by the propeller CITY OF LONDON and brought here. The CHINA was built by Messrs. W. Power & Co. of this place, and so far has proved a great success. She is said to be insured for $24,000, but this amount will not cover the loss. LATER The propeller CHINA which was burned last night is supposed to have sunk near Snake Light in shallow water. The fire commenced at the back of the boiler, and though every precaution seems to have been taken in the building of the vessel to make her secure against fire, yet it would appear that there is something radically wrong in the construction of these vessels, judging from the number of similar accidents which have occurred lately. The CHINA was insured for $24,000, but the loss will be $34,000 besides the prospects of a highly remunerative fall business.      

St. Catharines Evening Journal October 15, 1872 #

The Loss Of The CHINA – It is said that the persons on board this propeller – whose burning we announced Monday, – were so narrowly pursued by the fire when the AMERICA came to their rescue that only a small portion of the vessel was tenable, and had the help been a few minutes later, they would have had to take to the water, as all the boats but the lifeboat were burned, and the latter was on the top of the cabin and could not be got at. Soon after the AMERICA had arrived upon the scene four other steamers hove in sight. The loss is $34,000; insured for $24,000.

2008 Photos Tom Rutledge CC #

Youtube Video #

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