Chester A. Congdon (Bow)70′ to 110′ 48 11.559’N  
88 30.815’W
Chester A. Congdon (Stern)20′ to 220′ 48 11.620’N 
88 30.881’W

The Congdon was launched in 1907 and ran afoul of rocks on Isle Royale during a November storm in 1918. She was off course when she ran up on Canoe Rocks at the North end of the island. The 532-foot steel bulk freighter broke apart as the storm continued. The bow portion including the pilothouse broke off cleanly and now resides upright in 70 to 110 feet of water. The remainder of the ship settled into much deeper water on the opposite side of the reef. This is an excellent dive for intermediate divers who can explore the decks, open pilothouse, and mast.

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