Conneaut has enlarged its harbor and reconstructed her breakwaters many times since 1847.  The shipping lanes have been deepened and were all cleared for the rail trade from this port.  As a result, little remains of the Chesapeake.  Some scattered iron and railings can be found, but there is no remaining hull structure.  If you find any brass spikes east of the harbor, they are probably from the Chesapeake.

Location: 55ºT 1.2 miles off Conneaut, Ohio
Lies: widely scattered, mostly cleared 
Depth:40feet Cargo: passengers Tonnage:412.5 gross
Type: wood sidewheel steamer   
Power: vertical beam low-pressure steam, 120 nominal horsepower, 28’ paddlewheels
Owner(s) Burr Higgins and Company, Sandusky, Ohio
Built: 1838 at Maumee, Ohio by David R.  Stebbins
Dimensions: 172’  x 24’6”  x 10’2”                                     
Date of Loss: Thursday, June 10, 1847
Cause of Loss: collision with the schooner John A. Porter

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