• Schooner Barge
  • 32ffw
  • 150ft Scattered
  • South Bass Island, Lake Erie
  • 41 27.2   82 50.14
  • 43688.3  28853.3  56920.1

Chronological History #

1874 Listed as barge; 2 short masts.

1875 Listed as barge; 3 short masts.

1876 Owned Rice et al, E. China, MI; listed as a schooner.

1882 Repaired; timbers aft, centerboard box.

1884 Listed as a barge.

1886 Owned Scott Bros., Marine City, MI.

1895 Owned M. Siken, Marine City; towed by various vessels over years.

1903, Jul Sunk, St. Clair River, collided with steamer R. E. BUNSEN.

1909 In tow of steamer Huron City, holed by ice, sank.

Selection of News Articles for more #

Buffalo Evening News 
      April 27, 1910  #

Word was received at the office of the Lighthouse Inspector this morning from Lieut. Col. John Mills of the Engineer Corps of the Army, stationed at Cleveland, that the wreck of the schooner SPADEMAN sunk in South Passage, lake Erie, has been removed. There is now a clear depth of 28 feet over the wreck and the buoy marking the spot has been removed. 

Loss of American Vessel Reported 
      Merchant Vessel List, u. s., 1910  #

Schooner CHARLES SPADEMAN. U. S. No. 125158. Of 306 gross tons. Built 1873. On December 10, 1909, vessel foundered at Put-in-bay, Ohio, with 4 persons on board. No lives lost. 

Herman Runge List  #

Schooner CHARLES SPADEMAN. U. S. No. 125158. Of 306 gross tons. Built Marine City, Mich., 1873 by Philip Rice. 134.2 x 25.9 x 10.8 3-masts. Foundered Lake Erie Oct. 10, 1909

Merchant Vessel List, U. S., 1891 #

Schooner CHARLES SPADEMAN. U. S. No. 125158. Of 306.72 tons gross; 291.39 tons net. Built Marine City, Mich., 1873. Home port, Port Huron, Mich. 134.2 x 25.9 x 10.8 

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