Great Lakes Ships
  • Bulk Freighter
  • 40ffw
  • 190ft Length
  • Point Pelee, Lake Erie
  • 41 55.221    82 43.658

Chronological History #

Selection of News Articles for more #

  • 1887, Aug Launched.
  • 1887, Aug 30 Enrolled Port Huron, MI; owned Sarah H. Gordon et al, Bay City, MI.
  • 1888 Towed barge WADENA in Two Harbors ore trade.
  • 1890, Apr 4 Owned Chesley Wheeler et al, West Bay City, MI.
  • 1891 Towed OLIVE JEANETTE.
  • 1894, Sep 5 Run into by ferry BRUNO at Duluth, MN Fifth Avenue dock.
  • 1895, Nov Aground at Russell’s Island, St. Clair River, MI.
  • 1901, Nov 16 Burned to water’s edge, Green Bay, WI.
  • 1902, Jan 9 Enrolled Milwaukee, WI; owned Thomas H. Smith, Sturgeon Bay, WI.
  • 1902 Rebuilt as steam barge; 1 deck, 2 masts, 180.5′ x 35.7′ x 13.3′; 676 gross/ 504 net tons; renamed CHARLES B. PACKARD; by Reiboldt & Wolter, Sturgeon Bay, WI.
  • 1902, Oct 28 Enrolled as CHARLES B. PACKARD.
  • 1905, Apr 21 Owned Thomas H. Smith Stone Co., Sevastopol, WI.
  • 1906, Sep 16 Sunk by rocks (or sunken schooner ARMENIA), Pelee Passage, Lake Erie; raised & repaired.
  • 1913 Abandoned.

Detroit Free Press 
      Tuesday, September 18, 1906   #

One wreck was the cause of another when the steamer Charles B. Packard ran on the sunken schooner Armenia, near Pelee passage, Lake Erie, early Sunday morning, and sank within a short time. 
      Capt. J. McCaffrey and the crew of the steamer were here yesterday, and after communicating with J. A. Calbick of Chicago, owner of the Packard, the captain left for Chicago last night. The crew of six men was paid off here, and they received the usual wreck benefit of $30 each from the Lake Seamen’s union. The crew lost all their effects except what they were wearing. The first mate, who was off watching, came away without his shoes. 
      It is stated that the captain was in his cabin looking in the latest government reports for information as to how the wreck was marked when the watchman or wheelsman ran in to say that lights had been sighted close ahead. The captain ran out, but it was too late to avoid striking the wreck. 
Captain’s Hard Luck 
      News of the sinking of the steamer reached Detroit late Sunday night. The delay was caused by the fact that schooner Harold, which was towing behind the Packard, sailed up as far as Bar point and then sent word of the accident. The Harold was towed here yesterday by the tug Brockway. 
      There is no insurance on the Packard, which was loaded with hard coal. The cargo is valued at about $6,000 or $7,000. 
      Capt. McCaffrey seems to be pursued by the spirit of misfortune, as he was in command of the steamer Joseph Hurd, which became waterlogged off Chicago about five weeks ago. It is said that the Packard was formerly the Elfinmere, which was 190 feet long and built at West Bay City in 1887. 

“Green Bay Workhorses” 
      The Nau Tug Line 
      by George Nau Burridge #

By the middle of August, the tug J.W. BENNETT towed a wrecking outfit to Pigeon Bay, Lake Erie, intending to raise the steamer C.B. PACKARD. ——– 
      October 24. – The tug J.W. BENNETT and wrecking outfit returned to port early Saturday morning after an unsuccessful expedition to the sunken steamer C.B. PACKARD. 

Detroit Free Press 
      September 21, 1906 7-6 #

  Thomas S. Smith, James Curry and Capt. C.B. Packard of Sturgeon Bay, owners of the stm. PACKARD, which struck the sunken schr. ARMENIA and sank, have not yet decided to raise the vessel. Part of the upper works has washed ashore. Five of the crew have reached home at Sturgeon Bay. 

Buffalo Evening News 
      October 9, 1909  #

      Sturgeon Bay, Oct. 9. — Thw small schooner ALLEN [sic] CUYLER, which was thrown ashore at Arthur Bay, by the big storm last November, has been released and brought here to be placed in drydock  
      No attempt will be made to raise the steamer C.B. PACKARD, sunk off Pelee Passage, Lake Erie some weeks ago, this year. The PACKARD is owned here. 

Frank Wheeler & Co., West Bay City Shipbuilding Master List 
      Institute for Great Lakes Research 
      Perrysburg, Ohio  #

ELFIN-MERE.* Built September 1888 Bulk Propeller – Wood 
U. S. No. 135940 1054 gt -796 nt 190.5′ x 34′ x 21′ 
* Renamed (b) CHARLES B. PACKARD – US -1902 
Foundered September 16. 1906. 7 1/2 miles northwest of Midd1eground Light. GrUbbs Reef. Lake Erie. 

David Swayze Shipwreck File & Notes

  • Other names   :  built as prop ELFIN-MERE, renamed in 1902
  • Official no.     :  135940
  • Type at loss    :  propeller, wood, bulk freight
  • Build info       :  1887, F. Wheeler, W. Bay City, MI  hull# 35
  • Specs              :  191x34x21, 1054g  796n
  • Date of loss    :  1906, Sep 16
  • Place of loss   :  7.75 mi NW of Pelee Passage light, in the “Middle Ground”
  • Lake                : Erie
  • Type of loss    :  storm
  • Loss of life      :  none
  • Carrying         :  coal
  • Detail              : While driving on through a gale, she struck the wreckage of the schooner ARMENIA(qv) and foundered on Colchester Shoal. She had been bound for Chicago with the barge HAROLD in tow. Owner: J. A. Calbrick, Chicago. Master: Capt. J. McCaffery.

Almost totally destroyed by a fire at Green Bay in Nov 1901.  Completely rebuilt afterward.

{Shipbuilder James Davidson of West Bay City may have been amused by the irony of this accident, as he had built the 2040 gross ton ARMENIA (US#107219) in 1896, while his just-down-the-river rival Frank W. Wheeler was the builder of the 1054 gt ELFINMERE/PACKARD (US#135940). The ARMENIA had struck Colchester Shoal and sunk in May of the same year in a storm, and both vessels were total losses.}

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