• Schooner
  • 35ffw 9m
  • 136ft Length
  • Point Pelee, Lake Erie
  • 41 51.699 82 31.800

 Chronological History #

  • 1873 Owned Lewis Bates et al, Sodus.
  • 1883 Rebuilt decks, timbers fore & aft.
  • 1885 Beams, stanchions, planksheer & rails.
  • 1887 Sails.
  • 1888 Owned Oswego, NY.
  • 1890 Jul 31 Sunk by CITY OF CLEVELAND

Selection of News Articles for more www.maritimehistoryofthegreatlakes.ca #

Detroit News 
      August 1, 1890 #

The steam barge CITY OF CLEVELAND, bound for Toledo, and the schr. CHARGER, from Detroit to Buffalo, collided near the “Dummy” yesterday, resulting in the sinking of the latter but, no damage to the former. The CLEVELAND struck the CHARGER on the port bow, driving an immense hole in her, and she went to the bottom in 10 minutes. Two of the crew, John Neville and John Bell were asleep in the forecastle and were considerably bruised with broken timbers, but they managed to squeeze through the opening made by the collision and escape. Capt. Bates, of the CHARGER, and his crew were picked up by the tug TELEGRAM and turned over to the CLEVELAND, which took them to Toledo. The collision was so sudden that the crew lost all their personal effects. The CHARGER was laden with 17,400 bu. wheat, which she took on at this port. The vessel was valued at $7,500 but carried no insurance. The cargo was insured for $9,000 in the Detroit Fire and Marine and $7,300 in the Union Marine. The cause of the collision is unknown.  

Buffalo Evening News 
      August 1, 1890 #

The schooner CHARGER is at the bottom of Lake Erie as the result of being struck by the passenger steamer CITY OF CLEVELAND. The collision occurred near Toledo. The CLEVELAND was light and it is thought unmanageable in the high seas. The crew of the CHARGER escaped. The sunken boat was valued at $7,500 and was bound to Buffalo with 18,000 bushels of grain. 

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