• Barge
  • 20ffw 6m
  • 60ft Length
  • Lorain OH
  • 41 30.51    82 03.41

Lies: scattered                       Depth: 15-20 feet
Type: barge                           Cargo: none
Power: none
Owner(s) Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company
Dimensions:                         Tonnage:
Date of Loss: mid 1920’s
Cause of Loss:

On the west side of the intake retaining, the wall is some very large rocks, a winch, steel cable, and metal parts.  Near the outflow, you’ll find water temperatures to be 10+ degrees warmer than prevailing water temperatures.  To the north of the retaining wall, some metal chain and a tow bit are all that remain of the barge.  The bottom is therock on the north side of the wall and sand closer in.  There are interesting rock formations, owing in part to the plant construction.
DANGER:  The east side of the plant has a heavy current from the water intake.  DO NOT ENTER THE EAST SIDE.  There is heavy boat and personal watercraft traffic from the boat launch to the west.

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