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  • Steamboat
  • 17ffw 4m
  • 47ft Length
  • Port Dover, Lake Erie
  • 42 45.78580 13.688

A troubled boat, the Cecil J. was burned, and scuttled, by her owner in 1943.

Type: tug                                            Cargo: none
Power: gasoline engine
The owner (s) John Siskovic and Artley Martin of Port Dover, Ontario
Built: 1915 at Erie, Pennsylvania.  Rebuilt in 1929 at Port Dover, Ontario by George Gamble
Dimensions: 47’5”  x  12.5’  x  3’9”  Tonnage: 14 gross   9 net
Date of Loss: May 27, 1944
Cause of Loss: burned and scuttled

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