Line drawing of Caterpillars by Georgann Wachter
  • Construction Cranes with Barge
  • 55ffw
  • 42 29.750   80 27.956

Sitting on a sand bottom in 55 feet of water, we discovered two Kohring construction excavators, one Caterpillar loader, a diesel generator, and parts of the house of a barge.  One excavator was perfectly upright with its arm reaching 25 feet off the bottom of the lake.  The loader lays on its side with the second excavator ramped up over it.  Examining the top of the house, we found it was upside down on the lake floor and what appeared to be four motors were mounted on what would have been the ceiling of the house.  A doorway reaches up from the housetop, extending about six feet from the lake bottom.
Hmmmmm.  Now that’s a real mystery!


Location: 35.4 miles at 7°T from Conneaut Harbor, Ohio.  
20 miles at 120°T from Port Burwell, Ontario
Coordinates: GPS: 42 29.750   80 27.956     LORAN:  44436.5   58358.2
Official #: none
east / west                                 Depth: 54 feet
Type: Construction equipment          Cargo: not applicable
Power: Diesel
Owner(s) Dash Construction
Built: unknown
Dimensions: the site is approximately 100’  x  35’  Tonnage: not applicable
Date of Loss: 1990s
Cause of Loss: unknown this wreck was discovered by Georgian and Mike Wachter using the information provided by Mary Howard

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