CARRIER river barge. 1862-1864. 143.54 tons register, 93.33’. Capacity 11,000 bushels. Built in 1862 by P. Coulter (in some sources shown as J.B. Auger) at Montreal. No masts. Round stern. 1863 rated 1 out of a possible 3, 1864 rated A. Valued at $2,500 both years.

J. & H. McLennan owned CARRIER in 1862-64. She was rebuilt in 1870. In 1870-77 she was owned by St. Lawrence & Chicago Forwarding (Coulthurst & McPhee) and was mentioned as carrying coal from Montreal to Kingston for the gas company. Her last owner was Geo. Chaffey. She sank in St. Lawrence and her registry was closed on 9 March 1880.

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