Other names: also seen as C. SNELL, CALVIN SUELL
Official no.:  US   none
Type at loss: schooner, wood
Build info: Joel Norton, Richmond, OH
Specs :  122x26x10, 278 t.
Date of loss:  1858, May 28
Place of loss:  25 mi from Presqu’ile, Ont.
Lake:  Ontario
Type of loss:  hull failure
Loss of life:  none
Carrying:  70 t. stone (shown as ballast)
Detail: Bound Kingston, Ont., for Welland Canal, she sprung a leak and sank. Her crew escaped in her smallboat. Document surrendered in 1858 due to the “loss of the vessel.” out of Fairport, owned by Solomon Snell, Painesville

Buffalo Commercial Advertiser 
January 15, 1859 (1858 Casualty List)


Schooner CALVIN SNELL, cargo seventy tons of stone, sprunk a leak and sunk off Presqu’Isle, Lake Ontario. Property loss $12,000

 Buffalo Daily Courier Thursday, May 28, 1858 



SCHOONER CALVIN SNELL SUNK. – We learn that the schooner CALVIN SNELL, which was ashore lately at Presqu’Isle, ran down to Kingston. Discharged her cargo of wheat, and loaded with ballast. On her way West on Lake Ontario, she suddenly sprung a leak during a heavy blow and went to the bottom in deep water. The crew escaped in the boats. – Cleveland Herald. 

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