ONONDAGA Schooner Barge C80913

ONONDAGA river barge (C 80913). 1883-1884.
364.01 tons gross, 320 tons register, 136.9’. Capacity 20,000 bushels.
Built by Henry Roney at Garden Island Ontario in 1870. No masts. Round stern. 1874 rated 1 and valued at $9,500.
1878 rated 1 and valued at $7,800.
1890 rated B11⁄2 and valued at $4,000.
Originally a Calvin & Breck vessel,
ONONDAGA went aground on Galoo Isl. Shoal in the NE corner of Lake Ontario on 3 November 1876 while in tow by the American tug W.M. GARDNER (U 80279, 107 tons new measurement) en route to Montreal with a cargo of coal.
She went to St. Lawrence & Chicago Forwarding in 1878
One of seven of their barges involved when the steamer BOHEMIAN (1,139 tons register) broke the gate of Lock Two in the Lachine Canal in 1880.
She was rebuilt and given an official number during 1882-83.
She came to Montreal Transportation Co. in 1883 when they took over St. Lawrence and Chicago Forwarding Co.
In 1884 she was chartered to the George Hall Coal Co. of Prescott Ontario to fill an Oswego New York -Montreal coal contract and was subsequently sold to them.
1887-1904 she was owned by the St. Lawrence & Canada Forwarding Co. of Prescott (R. McCarthy).
She foundered off Stoney Point in Lake Ontario on 5 November, 1907 when owned by Canadian Towing & Transfer (A. Lemay) of Montreal. She was loaded with coal.
Her registry was closed on 9 January 1908.

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