M. LALONDE aka LALONDE river barge (C 74203) 1879-1881.
Built by Jules (illegible) at Coteau Landing Quebec in 1875.
Dimensions: 131’. 340 tons gross, 250.15 tons register.
No masts.
Round stern.

The first owner of this barge in 1877 was L. Lalonde of Coteau Landing.
Putting together the information in different entries in the British Whig;

She was chartered by Montreal Transportation Co. in 1879, and
may have been bought by them in the fall of 1880.
She was one of five Montreal Transportation Co. barges involved in the BOHEMIAN (1,139 tons register) incident of 1880 when the basin above Lock Two in the Lachine Canal was drained by the collision of the steamer with the lock gate.
LALONDE got 4’ of water in her hold and lost 3,000 bushels of her cargo.
Her 1884 owner was Paradis of Montreal.
She foundered on Lake Ontario in 1884,
Registry was closed on 2 April 1887.

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