Wrecked on Long Point
  • Bulk Freighter
  • 20ffw 6m
  • 273ft Length
  • Long Point, Lake Erie
  • 42 32.18   80 03.97

Chronological History #

  • 1889 Sep 26 Stranded on Russel Island, St. Clair River; her consort, schooner SAVELAND ran into her; stern & cabin wrecked, smoke stack carried away; repaired Detroit, MI.
  • 1891 Dec Carried grain from Duluth, MN.
  • 1898 Jul Towed F.A. GEORGER.
  • 1898 Aug Towed H.D. ALVERSON.
  • 1899 Owned J.C. Gilchrist, Vermillion, MN.
  • 1900 May 14 Broken wheel, Sault Ste. Marie, St. Mary’s River.
  • 1901 Sep Towed F.A. GEORGER.
  • 1902 May Towed YUKON.
  • 1903 Jun 23 Collided steamer BADGER STATE.
  • 1906 Jul 26 Crashed into east breakwater, Cleveland, OH & sank; 273 x 41.3 x 23′.
  • 1906 Aug 23 Raised, released & placed in drydock.
  • 1913 Oct 21 Wrecked Long Point, Lake Erie; last owned Kinney Transportation Co., Cleveland.

Selection of News Articles for more www.maritimehistoryofthegreatlakes.ca #

Buffalo Evening News 
      July 26, 1906 #

      Crew Saved When Gilchrist Fleet Craft Crashes Into New Breakwall. 
Cleveland, July 26. — In a heavy fog, the steamer C.W. ELPHICKE, of the Gilchrist Fleet, crashed into the new section of the east breakwater late last night and sank. 
      Seventeen persons aboard, including the Captain’s wife and another woman, and the crews, were saved by the lifesavers and by the tug GROVER. The boat lies in a total wreck near the foot of Kirkland street. Her bow is out of the water about 12 feet, her stern is submerged. The ELPHICKE left Ashtabula early in the evening loaded with coal and bound up the lake. She was to pick up her tow at this port, which explains why Capt. Dawson was running so close to shore. He lost his bearings in the fog that settled down over the lake early in the evening. 
      When the rescue tug and life savers got to the vessel they found all on board grouped on the forward deck anxiously awaiting help. The boilers had become submerged before the help arrived. 

 Buffalo Evening News 
      July 28, 1906  #

Cleveland, July 28. — Wrecker Howard baker, of Detroit, will commence the work of raising the wrecked steamer C.W. ELPHICKE Sunday morning. After an examination of the boat he said, that with good weather it could be saved. The work will be done by the day. Four big steam pumps will be placed on board after the coal cargo has been lightered and patches placed on the stern. 

Merchant Vessel List, U. S. 1906  #

Steam screw C.W. ELPHICKE. U. S. No. 126568. OF 2,406 tons gross; 1,764 tons net. Built Trenton, Mich., 1889. Home port, Cleveland, Ohio. 273.0 x 41.3 x 23.0 Crew of 16. Freight service. Of 975 indicated horsepower. 

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