rom the Ogdensburg Gazette. 
      STEAM BOAT DISASTER. – A new Steam Boat, owned by E.B. Dodd, and others of Jefferson County, called the BROWNVILLE, was burnt to the waters edge last Sunday, about 30 miles above this place, while making her first trip on the river. She left Brownville for this place, loaded principally with ashes, pork, beer and whisky, and when within a few miles of Alexandria Bay, the fire communicated to the wooden materials under the furnace, and from then hence spread through the lining on both sides. When the fire had made such progress as to preclude the hope of saving the boat, she was run into Alexandria Bay, and as much of the cargo as was practicable to come at, was thrown overboard. We have not learnt that any lives were lost. The loss of the boat is a serious calamity to the individuals; some of the proprietors of which we understand, are men who had embarked their whole property in the laudable, but unfortunate enterprize. 
      Kingston Chronicle 
      May 15, 1830 

      . . . . . 

      STEAMBOAT DISASTER. – We learn, verbally, that a small Steam-Boat, owned at Brownville, Jefferson County, was totally destroyed by fire, while descending the River St. Lawrence, on the 9th. inst. The boat was new, and with her cargo was valued at about $13,000, all of which was lost—people saved. The origin of the fire is unknown. 
      Buffalo Journal & General ADvertiser 
      May 19, 1830 

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