Breakwater Park Dive Site

  • 3 Small wrecks on East Side
  • HMS St. Lawrence West Side
  • Mortons Wharf Area
  • Various Pipes, logs and assorted modern day trash.

Site Description #

Your entry/exit point will be dependent on how far you wish to walk to get to the water There is a thin orange line that goes parallel to shore and takes you down to 40 ft and the remains of the first wreck.
If you follow the wreck to the end and make a 90 degree turn and swim a couple kicks you will come to a second wooden hull and following this one will eventually lead you to a third.
If you turn back to the pier and swim back in about 15 ft of water, you will start to come across an old wooden dock. Once you get to the end of the channel, there is a small wooden structure, if you turn right from there, and about 100 m away is another wreck in 60 ft of water but this is a long swim and if the vis is not great this would be very easy to miss.

Shipwreck Hunters Video of Dive #

As always have fun and dive safe. Hope you enjoy the video

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