BRANDON schooner barge (C 92535). 1887-1888. 540.54 tons gross, 516.82 tons register, 167’. Launched at the Montreal Transportation Co. yard in Kingston on 22 June 1887 after two earlier unsuccessful attempts (she had only moved 20’ the previous day). Round stern. Three masts. Reported to be worth $15,000-$20,000 new.

This barge was lost in 600’ of water SW of Isle Royale in Lake Superior on 1 October 1888 while on passage to Duluth Minnesota. She had a cargo of 1,100 tons of steel rails and it was speculated that she had been overloaded. John Gaskin said in a newspaper report that he did not think she was insured. Newspapers put the value of her cargo at $10,000. She had been in tow of the Montreal Transportation Co. tug WALKER together with the barges

REGINA and JENNIE, had broken loose and become “waterlogged”. Her registry was closed on 26 October 1888. Presumably named after the grain-shipping centre of Brandon Manitoba.

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